High performance: 24-bit high-end converter plus 48Hz frequency, with excellent sound quality performance

2 input +4 output perfect hybrid matrix speaker processor

First-class DSP processing technology: Each input channel has 11-band equalization filter

Each output channel has a 7-band equalization filter

Each section can be selected for Bessel, Schaeffer. The slope of the filter is from 6dB / Oct to 48dB / Oct, including filters such as Butterworth, Bessel, Linquitz-Rayleigh

Each output has a high-precision and omnidirectional adjustable peak limiter and RMS limiter.

Input channel adjustable delay time up to 900ms, the output channel adjustable delay time up to 340ms

Computer network connection: each output channel can be directly connected with the computer / network, the rear panel of the USB interface, and computer communication, can also be used RS485 / TCPIP connected to the computer, through the remote PC software to set up the machine, monitoring and control.

Control: The front panel has an LCD display window, the knob button can be the function of the machine operation, the front panel of each channel has seven lights, used to display the output level or display pressure limit.


Analog input 2 x XLR balanced

Analog output 4 x XLR balanced

Minimum load 150 ohm

THD + N Distortion 0.001% at 1kHz 0dBu

S / N signal to noise ratio> 106dBA

Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz; -0.5dBu at 20Hz and 20kHz

AD & DA conversion Cs42528 24bit -48kHz

DSP processing:

24x32 bit filter processing, 54 bit accumulation register, 96 bit precision intermediate data operation result

Parameter equalizer: input with 11-band balanced filter

The output has a 7-band balanced filter

Input / Output Gain: Input gain range: -12dB ~ + 12dB, step accuracy: 0.1dBu

Output gain range: -18dB ~ +12 dB, step accuracy: 0.1dBu

Filter type: Bell, snow filter

Filter gain: Range: -18dBu ~ +12 dBu, step accuracy: 0.5dBu

Center frequency: in the 20Hz ~ 20kHz frequency range to 1Hz step accuracy can be adjusted

Filter Q / Broadband: Range: 0.4 ~ 128

High-pass filter: Butterworth slope: 6/12/18/24/36 / 48dB per octave

Bessel slope is: 12 / 24dB per octave

The slope of the Linquets Rayleigh is 12/24/36 / 48dB per octave

Noise generator: white / pink noise generator, the level range: -30dBu ~ 0dBu

Input noise gate threshold range: -90dBu ~ -60dBu

Start time: 1ms ~ 1000ms; release time: 10ms ~ 1000ms

Input RMS limit: Start threshold range: -14dB ~ + 16dB and bypass

Can be selected than the range: 2: 1 ~ 32: 1; inflection point: 0 ~ 100%

Supply range: -12dBu ~ +12 dBu

Start time: 5ms ~ 200ms; Release time: 0.1s ~ 3s

Output RMS limit (if selected) Start threshold range: -14dB ~ + 16dB and bypass

Can be selected than the range: 2: 1 ~ 32: 1; inflection point: 0 ~ 100%

Start time: 5ms ~ 200ms; Release time: 0.1s ~ 3s

Output peak voltage limit (if selected) Threshold range: -14dB ~ + 16dB and bypass

Start time: 5ms ~ 200ms; Release time: 0.1s ~ 3s

Dynamic loudness filter input channel: dynamic loudness increased by 0% to 100%, the frequency range: 20Hz ~ 20kHz

Output channel 1 / channel 3: Dynamic loudness attenuation is 0dBu ~ -6dBu, frequency range: 20Hz ~ 1kHz

Delay: each input adjustable delay up to 900ms, each output adjustable delay up to 340ms, step precision 10.4us

Noise: -90 dBu

D&E 2.4KP

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