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Light Union Follow Spot 400w

LUFS 400

  • Applicable lighting position:Within 50 meters

    Input Voltage:AC-100V~240V  50/60HZ


    Light Source Life:50000hour   power factor>0.95

    Electric control mode.

    Electromotion Focus.

    Multiple color temperature adjustable(3200K 4000K 5600K 6500K 8000K)

    Electric color to conversion.

    innovation-type electric potential dimmer combine with Constant current drive dimmer form.

    Constant current chip precision whitin 3%

    Dimmer 0~100 linear dimming.

    Beam Angle:4~8 / 7-12 (optional)

    Lighting uniformity>0.8

    Atomization function.

    25meter LUX not lower than 3200LUX

    Best distance of use:20~25meter.

    Protection grade:IP20.

    Mechanical property: High quality aluminum alloy structure, extremely efficient air cooling radiator.

    Hand lift tripod bracket, lamp body can lift up to 2 meters.



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